BoatYard Eats is experiential dining. We offer an authentic rotating food truck experience that delivers a high quality and unique eating experience to Cornelius. BoatYard Eats is a place to gather with your family and friends. It’s the community’s place to enjoy live music, food trucks, and local beers, wines, and spirits.

As we grow across new markets and expand into new locations nationwide, we will bring with us the core values that make us BoatYard Eats. Family and friends come to BoatYard Eats for the relaxed atmosphere, the food truck experience, cold beer, and music. SHARE in our laidback culture, to have an opportunity to GATHER and find a place they know they will always recognize, a BEACON of good times!


At this time, BoatYard Eats currently does not allow animals (unless they are service animals) on the premise.


Our locations will offer a unique experience meant for all to share. Each new design will facilitate this through an evolving culture centered on our values, offerings, and unique surroundings.


BoatYard Eats is a meeting place for groups, large and small. No reservations and no formalities. Our guests will find a comfortable and flexible place to unwind, play, and meet with old and new acquaintances.


Whether our customers visit us in flip flops or loafers, each BoatYard Eats location will create an inviting and relaxed environment meant for everyone to enjoy.